A Word A Week Challenge: Mother


My favorite “mother” pictures in context of animals was the experience of seeing humpback whales in Alaska. This excursion was special.  The first picture was of the young calf breaching the water.  She did so several time and I was very lucky to capture it with the point and shoot camera I had.  The second was of the calf’s mother approaching the boat we were on.  The third was of the two of them together.  The whale closed to the boat in the third picture is the mother, and the furthest away was the calf.  They were definitely putting on a show, and it was truly special to see and experience.

10 thoughts on “A Word A Week Challenge: Mother”

  1. I worked on a whale watching boat in Maine for several summers, and seeing mother and calf humpback pairs was always a highlight. Nice capture of the breach – it’s a tough shot to get. My favorite was seeing family groups of Atlantic white-sided dolphin – they would ride our bow wave and the babies as they shot out of the water were roughly the shape and size of an American football. Amazing.

    1. I bet you have seen some pretty amazing things!! The other part of this whale watching tour in Alaska, and what made it really unique was that we also saw a pod of Orcas. They swam right up to the boat, under us and past us. Even the guides were excited because they never saw both (Momma/Calf Humpback, breaching, and Orcas) in the same day. I got some great shots of the Orcas as well. Thanks for your comments!!

    1. It kinda gives us perspective to how small we really are in the grand scheme of things……but also pretty cool how one thing can tie us all together. Thanks!!!

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