Full Moon Wednesday

The moon decided to give me a fit this evening.  I took about a dozen pictures, and only this one was worth posting.  I wanted to get a picture closer to the horizon, however, I was a little late getting home so had to settle for a sky only shot.

Beautiful bright full moon tonight.  The tiny spec of light in the upper left of the picture is Jupiter.

ISO 100
Focal Length 250mm
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter Speed 1/200 sec

Car Light / Star Bright

Car Light / Star Bright

My buddy Rahul and I attempted to capture the Leonid Meteor Shower early Saturday morning. We saw about a dozen meteors between the two of us. Overall the “shower” was a bust, but I was able to practice some bulb shots.

This one turned our really cool. We were standing on a highway overpass, so I was able to capture the highway traffic lights, as well as the star trails in the sky. I was hoping for a meteor as well, but that never happened. 🙂