8 thoughts on “Twilight Moon”

  1. I love these photos, however I’m afraid to try night photography because I don’t think that mine will come out that way, do you have any tips on taking photos at night? A flash shouldn’t be used right?

    1. Thanks!! Don’t be afraid to try night photos. I am by no means an expert in taking night photos and what I have learned so far has been mostly by trial and error. Like anything else, practice makes you better! 🙂

      I took these with the following settings on my 60D: ISO100, 250mm, f/16. no flash. I used Adobe Lightroom to enhance the clarity of the moon which is what really makes it stand out.

      Hope this helps and thanks for visiting!!

    1. Thanks. I neglected to mention before that I also use a tripod for these shots. Give it a try….would love to see!!

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