Geminid Meteor Shower

My friend Rahul and I ventured out once again to bear the cold in the hopes of capturing a meteor.  First let me say it was COLD.  Upper 20’s, made for a chilly time.  Despite that, we saw some brilliant meteors, and one specifically that left a very nice trail.  Unfortunately our cameras were pointed in the wrong direction.

We did learn a lot in our adventure.  Mainly that it needs to be pitch black outside. The least little bit of light introduces a lot of noise.  You will see that below.  Regardless of how well the pictures turned out, it was a very exciting time.

I was surprised that I was able to capture 6 different meteors.  Like I said, there was a lot of light noise, and I had to adjust the exposure to see the meteors in the pics.  Not the best shots, but hey, I was very pleased to be fortunate enough to capture such a random event that last literally for only a second or two.

Here were my results:







2 thoughts on “Geminid Meteor Shower”

    1. Thanks Doug, I have to admit, that it was mostly luck!! I knew I had captured 2 meteors for sure….the others were a bonus!! 🙂

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