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Burning Moon

The moon looked really cool tonight.  To the naked eye, you could barley see the full circle of the moon.  This picture was taken from my front porch at about 6:30pm in the evening.  I was surprised when I imported the photos to see how they turned out…..this one struck me.  It looks like the moon is being fully engulfed. The moon is quickly becoming my favorite subject! 🙂

ISO400 f/5.6 1.6s exposure.


Hazy Moonlit Night




This weekend, the family took our annual camping trip to the mountains of Virginia at one of our favorite campgrounds.  I was hoping for a clear night, however, it ended up being not quite overcast, but hazy enough to eliminate the details of the moon.  There was enough moonlight shining through to provide some neat silhouette pictures of the trees.  Enjoy!