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Birds, Birds and More Birds

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything.  Photography as a hobby has slipped a little, but I have a new found passion….birds.

Silly as it seems, I have enjoyed watching birds and trying to capture them.  Let me just say that they are quite the challenge.  They move very fast and the least little bit of wind can cause the capture to move in and out of focus pretty quick.

None the less, its been a lot of fun.  Over the past couple weeks, I have successfully identified 27 species of birds in my backyard.  Its amazing how we go through our days and really don’t pay any attention to these creatures, yet they really are magnificent.

I have seen juvenile birds and old bird. I have seen birds with battle scars and missing tale feathers. I have admired their patterns and colors.  I have watched them interact with each other and have witnessed characteristics such as respect (typically the smaller birds getting out of the way of the larger birds), cooperation and yes, even bullies.

Anyway, as i have been geeking out over the birds, I figured I would start to catalog what I find, and so I’m back posting some of the captures I like the most.  I hope you enjoy them.

American Gold Finch

American Gold Finch

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

Let me introduce my neighbor’s dog Brownie (aka Big Brown).  I love Big Brown, because he is always there to greet me and is always ready to play.  And……if I don’t acknowledge him, he can get pretty vocal about it!  🙂