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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I have to give credit my oldest son for being quick on the draw for this one.  Taken with his galaxy tab 10.1, this squirrel gave us all the surprise early one morning.  Jumping from the tree to the screen of a second floor window, this squirrel provided quite the entertainment.  Perplexed on what to do next, he didn’t seem phased that there were people on the other side of the window. 🙂

We are not sure if he made it back to the tree or not.


A Word A Week Challenge: Dog




I love these pictures.  As with most puppies, it doesn’t take long to wear out from playing, and Winston was no exception.  He claimed my son’s “Elmo” chair as his own very early on.  The first picture was him settled in getting ready to nod off, by the time you get to the third picture, you can see he was well on his way to dreamland! These photos make me laugh every time I see them 🙂