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The “Santa Worships Jesus” Nativity

I won’t get on my soap box, but I will say that the commercialization of Christmas has really taken away from the true meaning of Christmas.

I had heard about the nativity where Santa was worshiping the Baby Jesus, but I had not seen one until my wife told me there was one in a nearby neighborhood.  It was a powerful scene and a wonderful moment of reflection.

As a Christian, it is a great reminder that while it is nice to give and receive gifts, let me not forget the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections


What I love about these challenges is how people interpret the theme. Ironically, I was sitting down at my computer getting ready to weed through my photos to find “something” to post. Out of the corner of eye, I saw the shadows of the three crosses on the wall. That was when I knew I had my post.

1. It’s good to stop and reflect on the significance of the cross, and the impact Christ has had in my life. It keeps me focused on that which is most important to me.

2. Hanging from the middle cross is my fathers dog tags from when he served in the military. When I see them, its a reminder to stop and reflect not only at how proud I am of my father for his time in service, but also for all the men and women who serve and sacrificed for the freedoms that I have today.