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Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I have to give credit my oldest son for being quick on the draw for this one.  Taken with his galaxy tab 10.1, this squirrel gave us all the surprise early one morning.  Jumping from the tree to the screen of a second floor window, this squirrel provided quite the entertainment.  Perplexed on what to do next, he didn’t seem phased that there were people on the other side of the window. 🙂

We are not sure if he made it back to the tree or not.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons #3 Or is it??

For my third and final post for the Changing Seasons Challenge is typical for my area.  Often time I joke that Mother Nature gets confused when it comes to the weather.  It is December, and despite the leaves falling on the ground and the squirrels preparing for winter, however, nature decides to give us unseasonably warm weather.  We have hit the 70s several time in the past week with more to come.  As a result, we have “new growth” on several plants outside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I love the Challenge this week. “Changing Seasons” can mean so many things. My first entry what I consider the first sign of the changing season from fall to winter. The squirrels feverishly working to prepare for their hibernation. For the past month they have been burying their acorns, and often stopping for a quick “snack”. They have been fattening up. This is a picture of one perched on a branch, snacking on an acorn. Enjoy!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections #2


Drove by a nearby pond, and the reflections were really great with the trees and the clouds.

Burning Moon

The moon looked really cool tonight.  To the naked eye, you could barley see the full circle of the moon.  This picture was taken from my front porch at about 6:30pm in the evening.  I was surprised when I imported the photos to see how they turned out…..this one struck me.  It looks like the moon is being fully engulfed. The moon is quickly becoming my favorite subject! 🙂

ISO400 f/5.6 1.6s exposure.

A Word A Week Challenge: Mother (entry #2)




I hope its OK to post more than one entry.  This entry is another experience that I enjoyed watching unfold.  Mother and father cardinal were busy flying back and forth just working up a storm.  I knew there was a nest in the bushes, and I figured they were just feeding like they had been, but didn’t realize that the baby cardinal was getting ready to emerge for the first time.

In pic1, we have mother cardinal watching intently.  Pic 2, we have father cardinal with a nice little morsel in his mouth for baby. And in pic 3, we see the baby cardinal emerge for the first time. (this is a partial repost from one of my earlier blog posts titled “First Flight.”