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Sunset Panoramic at Gloucester Point

This is a three shot panoramic “attempt”.  I was not thrilled at how the Photoshop butchered the blend right next to the sun.  Otherwise, turned out pretty good.  I like the HDR effects (Photomatix)….brings a lot of vibrance to the shot.


Here is the original, no HDR.  Enjoy


Morning Rainbow….

My neighbor texted me this morning at 730 said there was a nice rainbow outside.  I wasn’t expecting what I saw.  It was absolutely beautiful.  I took a number of handheld shots thinking about doing a quick pano, and this was the result.  It is not great as photoshop didn’t do a good job blending the clouds and aligning the rainbow itself….you can see the line between the two houses.  despite that, you can see how nice it was. Thanks John for the heads up on this one!!


Panoramic Photo Experiment #2

With the storm front rolling through last night, I knew there would be a great opportunity for some nice cloud shots.  I went to a neighborhood nearby with a pond and setup for a panoramic shot of the clouds over the pond.  10 shots total to make up this panoramic.  A little post processing in photomatix pro and lightroom.  Here is the final piece.

(click image for full size)