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Another Time, Another Place



I am always intrigued with old buildings. I often find myself pondering what life was like when they were in their prime. I was driving this morning down some back country roads and came across this building. Certainly a small mom & pop gas station that served ice cold Coca-Cola.

Its kinda surreal as all round it is modern homes, but this icon of another time, another place still stands. I wish I knew more.

Full Moon Wednesday

The moon decided to give me a fit this evening.  I took about a dozen pictures, and only this one was worth posting.  I wanted to get a picture closer to the horizon, however, I was a little late getting home so had to settle for a sky only shot.

Beautiful bright full moon tonight.  The tiny spec of light in the upper left of the picture is Jupiter.

ISO 100
Focal Length 250mm
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter Speed 1/200 sec

Car Light / Star Bright

Car Light / Star Bright

My buddy Rahul and I attempted to capture the Leonid Meteor Shower early Saturday morning. We saw about a dozen meteors between the two of us. Overall the “shower” was a bust, but I was able to practice some bulb shots.

This one turned our really cool. We were standing on a highway overpass, so I was able to capture the highway traffic lights, as well as the star trails in the sky. I was hoping for a meteor as well, but that never happened. 🙂

Burning Moon

The moon looked really cool tonight.  To the naked eye, you could barley see the full circle of the moon.  This picture was taken from my front porch at about 6:30pm in the evening.  I was surprised when I imported the photos to see how they turned out…..this one struck me.  It looks like the moon is being fully engulfed. The moon is quickly becoming my favorite subject! 🙂

ISO400 f/5.6 1.6s exposure.