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A Word A Week Photo Challenge: Cloud

The word a week challenge is CLOUD.  Thanks to “A Word in Your Ear” for the challenge! Click here to see her blog and post.

Clouds are so cool.  I personally love clouds at sunset, the colors can be spectacular.  The following photos were taken from my front yard.






Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

I have to give credit my oldest son for being quick on the draw for this one.  Taken with his galaxy tab 10.1, this squirrel gave us all the surprise early one morning.  Jumping from the tree to the screen of a second floor window, this squirrel provided quite the entertainment.  Perplexed on what to do next, he didn’t seem phased that there were people on the other side of the window. 🙂

We are not sure if he made it back to the tree or not.


A Word a Week Photo Challenge – Light

First, I have to thanks Canadian Hiking Photography for posting his shots, or I probably would have never had the opportunity to do this!! (Amazing pics in the snow btw!!)  The idea came from Photo Extremist.

Of course, I had to try for myself.  Now that I know how easy it is, I will get more creative in the future with it.  Oh and btw, its a lot of fun.  I mean really what guy doesn’t like to burn stuff up.

*Safety Disclaimer – Safety is critical….Photo Extremist does a great job describing the necessary safety for this activity……use common sense.

woolsparks-1 woolsparks-2 woolsparks-3

Weekly (no) Photo Challenge: Delicate

I know this is a photo challenge, however today, I will not post a photo.  I find it difficult today to focus on much of anything.

So, instead, I will provide a brief statement in reflection to the word “Delicate.”

We often think of a delicate flower, or a new born child.  Both excellent representations of the word delicate.

Life.  Life is delicate.

If you have not heard, today there was an event that took place in Connecticut.  Tragedy doesn’t even come close to describing the event.  20 young children and 8 adults (last I heard) were gunned down in school.  Innocent lives lost, futures lost, families destroyed.

To those who have lost loved ones today…..

  • my thoughts are with you
  • my heart weeps with you
  • my prayers are with you

We will never understand or comprehend “why”, and there is no picture that capture the “Delicate” nature of “Life”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons #3 Or is it??

For my third and final post for the Changing Seasons Challenge is typical for my area.  Often time I joke that Mother Nature gets confused when it comes to the weather.  It is December, and despite the leaves falling on the ground and the squirrels preparing for winter, however, nature decides to give us unseasonably warm weather.  We have hit the 70s several time in the past week with more to come.  As a result, we have “new growth” on several plants outside.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons #2

For my second post, a clear indication that the season are changing.  Looking around outside and aside from the leaves falling off the tress, many plants are wilting and losing their flowers.  My neighbors rose bushes have just a few left.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I love the Challenge this week. “Changing Seasons” can mean so many things. My first entry what I consider the first sign of the changing season from fall to winter. The squirrels feverishly working to prepare for their hibernation. For the past month they have been burying their acorns, and often stopping for a quick “snack”. They have been fattening up. This is a picture of one perched on a branch, snacking on an acorn. Enjoy!


The Weekly “What Is It?” Photo Challenge

I was thinking about something fun and interesting I could do using photography to tease the mind and challenge the senses.  Then it kinda hit me.  How about a “What Is It?” challenge.

This is how it will work:

  1. Using photography, I will capture an objects from around the house or in nature.  Common objects, nothing too extreme.
  2. I will post the photo using the “Postaday” & “What Is It?” tags every Tuesday evening
  3. I will reveal the object description prior to posting the next weeks challenge.

If you are up for a new challenge, I encourage to follow along.  Feel free to comment and/or work together to figure it out!  I may even drop a hint or two along the way.

I would like to give it a trial run for the next couple of week to see what kind of interest there is for a new challenge.  If there is enough interest, I will keep the challenge going.

Also, I welcome feedback as well.  If you have an idea on how to improve the challenge, to make it more appealing, more interesting or more fun; please let me know!!


The inaugural “What Is It? Photo Challenge” Photo is……..